MODULE #0 All the free content in one place

  • The 8 'secrets' of million-dollar hardware Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns
  • Video: why press is crucial for your campaign's success and why NEVER hire PR firms
  • 7 myths about getting media coverage and 7 rookie mistakes to avoid
  • How to qualify different publications (and their traffic) using Alexa
  • How to save weeks researching relevant journalists and finding their contact details

MODULE #1 Preparing for a successful pitch

  • The exact days and time to launch your campaign (September is tricky for 1 reason) so you make it easiest for you, journalists and backers (of all time zones) 
  • The 5-step checklist before approaching journalists (critical for gaining their interest)
  • Further (dis)qualify journalists and target just the most likely to cover your launch
  • The truth about "building relationships first" and "commenting on articles"

MODULE #2 Differences between Embargo and Exclusive

  • When to use an Exclusive - pros and cons + detailed examples 
  • When to use an Embargo - pros and cons + detailed examples 
  • How I gave an Exclusive to a TechCrunch writer (word-by-word template)
  • What to do when things go wrong (yes, they do) with Embargos and Exclusives

MODULE #3 Writing an effective press release

  • Step-by-step guide on how to write and what to include in your press release, so that it actually helps journalists write a story (no fluff and no bs)
  • 5 successful example press releases of hardware campaigns 
  • When and how to use a mass press release (it works rarely, but there is a use case