MODULE #4 - How to guarantee media coverage

  • The 5 ‘guaranteed’ ways to get featured - dramatically increase chances for write-up
  • What to do when you have prototypes or production units to share with the media
  • All the tools to make pitching easier and the conversion rates (write-ups) you can expect

MODULE #5 - Writing your email pitch word-by-word

  • How to write subject lines that get up to 80% open rates (screenshots included)
  • Story angles - what are they and how/when to use them in your emails 
  • Everything you must include in your first emails, follow-up emails etc. 

MODULE #6 - Automation and mass personalization

  • How to send personalized pitches to hundreds of journalists at once, without writing hundreds of emails 1 by 1 (nope, not MailChimp - email marketing services forbid that)
  • How to track whether your email has been opened, who’s opening it, what’s being clicked inside and more - the exact open, click, bounce and reply rates with stats
  • Pitching during your campaign - the 3 phases to pitch while the project is still running and everything you need to include