If you are here today, some of these probably went through your head:

What is the etiquette to contact a tech journalist?
Should I tell them our story, should I include a press kit? 
Do they write the news article or do we supply it? 
Writing a personalized message to each journalist takes heaps of time!!!
They can immediately spot (and hate) copy/paste messages, generic words, and phrases!!!
Should I follow up? When? How many times?
It's very hard to find the right angle to pitch!!


How do I find the right journalists to cover my campaign launch?
Hunting down every publication that covered similar products is so time-consuming!!!
How do I get journalists to write about my project?
How do I get them to even reply to my emails?
Shall I build a relationship first and comment on their articles, like their tweets?
What is the first email I should send them? 
How do I write a subject line that gets opened?

Introducing: Get Press for Your Hardware Campaign (GPHC)