How do I get started? How much is it?

You could try to figure it out on your own and spend a lot of time and effort or you can also hire a PR agency for $5,000- $10,000+. 

Look, I even did the digging for you - I asked 5 PR agencies for quotes for an iPhone 6S case campaign launching in September 2016 - right when the iPhone 7 launches (feel the greed):

                  Uh-oh, my eyes (and heart) hurt.

                Uh-oh, my eyes (and heart) hurt.

The entire Get Press for Your Hardware Campaign step-by-step program is only $49 a month for 12 months.

  1. You can get started for just $49 (you get full access with the first payment)

  2. You can also pay in full (save 17% or $93) for $495 and get 3 additional monetary bonuses 

  3. You can also let me run the whole thing for you for $2995 (2x-5x cheaper than any agency)

3 pay-in-full ($495 and $2995 option) bonuses:

#1 - $100 back if you put a banner of below the press mentions like here and here (you can choose the head color of the banner)

#2 - $100 (max) towards your “early birds” (if the reward is $85 plus shipping, then $85). Still wondering who will be your VERY FIRST backer? That's how invested I am in your success

#3 - $100 back every time a friend joins GPHC (after refund period is over) - meaning exclusive access to my referral program

Bottom line, you can be getting back the full price of the course one way or anotherkeeping the course forever and using it over and over again. 

Your Instructor


Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev is a "Most Viewed Writer" in Kickstarter, IndiegogoCrowdfunding and Hardware startups on Quora and has been involved with hardware crowdfunding since 2011.

He's helped numerous hardware startups raise multiple $$$ on Kickstarter and Indiegogo through everything marketing, planning, and PR. He feels weird writing about himself in the third person but admits that it sounds slightly more epic.

What people are saying:


As a beta-tester of his course, Ivaylo’s system saved me from a media disaster. We got featured in TheVerge, DigitalTrends, Wired Italy and more! His Kickstarter and Indiegogo advice have always been knowledgeable and helpful.
— Kseniia Vinogradova, raised $100,000 for FlipFlic on Kickstarter

Working with Ivaylo has been a pleasure and also beneficial for us. In a very short matter of time, he managed to organize a team, allocate tasks and quickly get us into SlashGear, TrendHunter & PSFK. He is straightforward and diligent in his work.
— Aleksandar Dimitrov, raised $200,000+ for AYO on Indiegogo

Ivaylo has great attention to the small details. As a consultant, he featured our campaign in Yanko Design, Cool Things & Design Taxi in no time. Highly recommended!
— Lama Mansour, raised $150,000+ for Bold Knot on Indiegogo